Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Getting Ready for School...

In one week all of our babies begin school. Our four-year-olds have been in mother's day out since they were one. It was okay to let them enter the world of singing songs, sharing, nap mats and lunchs sitting down at a table. They needed the time spent learning to socialize and fun Bible stories. It was only two days a week. We were able to get grocery shopping done and doctors visits made without having to drag the babies along. Also, in the back of our minds we knew (hoped) that there would be another baby some day.
Wow! It's time for those babies (our one-year-olds) to begin mothers-day-out. All the anxiety of letting your children grow up has reared its ugly head. Will the teachers like them? Will they make friends? Will the teachers watch them like we do? Will they nap? I guess the biggest anxiety of all is that one that hurts every mom's heart. This is the first step in letting our babies grow up. This is the first step in them not needing us anymore. That's enough to make a BarkingWife shed a few tears...


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