Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Voice for

(Originally written in January 2010) We just finished a recording studio session recording with Jim and Peggy. We recorded the first set of Reminder Calls for To say that we had fun and laughed really hard would be minimizing how much fun we had.  Jim, who can make his voice sound like anyone you want, is one of the best in the industry. He had us laughing so hard we were doubled over with tears in our eyes. The problem was, we had to be super quiet so as to not interrupt him while he was recording. I felt like we were two girls in church trying to not laugh out loud; a near impossibility. I think my favorite was listening to him record the Drill Sargent character for the BarkingWife All Stars, Take out The Trash campaign. He was shouting, and spitting and caring on! Carolanne and I felt like we should drop and give him 50 pushups!

And then Peggy, Jim’s wife, started recording the oh so sexy and suggestive characters of the Flirtatiously Persuasive Ladies for the Take Out the Trash campaign. It sounded to us like things were getting a little hot and steamy over in the Kipping’s recording studio! In one of the Reminder Call scripts,  Peggy had to growl  – like a sexy growl. Jim, who was directing her, must have had her growl twenty different times just to get The Perfect Growl! Who knew there were so many different ways to do a sexy growl? Me? I would have been way too embarrassed to do that.

Hearing the messages that Carolanne and I wrote come to life by Jim and Peggy was beyond cool. It has taken Carolanne and me a couple of months to write almost 200 Reminder Call scripts. We have had many late nights writing and re-writing so that all the messages were as good and funny and entertaining as we could possible make them. Now, Jim and Peggy have literally breathed life into them. Our crazy business idea now has a voice and a sound. I can’t believe is starting to become a reality.

Chances are, you have heard Jim’s voice before. He has done voice work for Netflix, Sonny Delight, NBC, BMW, Geraldo At Large, Gold’s Gym, MMI, OuiFM Paris, Promenade Software Tokyo, and literally thousands of commercials. You can hear lots of his demos on his website Jim and Peggy are not only talented, but they are just down right wonderful people as well. They are very active in Cocker Spaniel Rescue of Austin/San Antonio, saving many adorable cocker spaniel dogs from terrible circumstances. Talented, wonderful, funny… what else can I say about them? They Rock!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Getting Ready for School...

In one week all of our babies begin school. Our four-year-olds have been in mother's day out since they were one. It was okay to let them enter the world of singing songs, sharing, nap mats and lunchs sitting down at a table. They needed the time spent learning to socialize and fun Bible stories. It was only two days a week. We were able to get grocery shopping done and doctors visits made without having to drag the babies along. Also, in the back of our minds we knew (hoped) that there would be another baby some day.
Wow! It's time for those babies (our one-year-olds) to begin mothers-day-out. All the anxiety of letting your children grow up has reared its ugly head. Will the teachers like them? Will they make friends? Will the teachers watch them like we do? Will they nap? I guess the biggest anxiety of all is that one that hurts every mom's heart. This is the first step in letting our babies grow up. This is the first step in them not needing us anymore. That's enough to make a BarkingWife shed a few tears...