Saturday, October 30, 2010

True Friends are Always There

When Carolanne and I were at the very beginning of this business, back when we were just talking about the idea, a friend of mine from the past named Todd Mayfield kept coming to mind time and again. It had been seventeen or eighteen years since I had talked to Todd, who I had worked with in Honolulu, Hawaii. He was an incredibly talented graphic designer at the same firm where I was an Intern Architect. He had this funny quirky sense of humor, a great laugh, bright smile, and was quick to pull a prank.

Thanks to Facebook, I found him in Florida; still doing graphic design. And within a week, Carolanne and I were talking with him about our BarkingWife idea.
With Todd, it was like the years had never gone by, and I had just seen him yesterday at the office. True friendship never dies and is always there no matter how much time passes. Todd saw our vision and sent us as a present, a BarkingWife logo idea. When Carolanne and I saw what he designed we were ecstatic and knew it was close to perfect. We LOVED the logo. We were in awe. It was like seeing the first ultrasound of your baby. I kept staring at the picture; wondering what the future held, and how it was going to change my life.

By the way, Todd still has his funny quirky sense of humor, a great laugh and bright smile. As to the quick to pull a prank, well, just get to know him and find out for yourself. Here is his info: Todd Mayfield, Mayfield Creative, (Thanks Todd for our logo. We still LOVE it!)


Friday, October 1, 2010

Can’t I Just Talk On The Phone in Peace for 60 Seconds?

Ring Ring…. Ring Ring…. (no anwer, voice mail message starting). “Please leave your message at the beep for Mr. So-in-So, President of highly recommended website company.” BEEEEP. Me, “Hi, this is Holly Donnelly and I am interested in talking with you about developing a web… [1 year old child finds me in my telephone talking hiding spot] [LOUD SCREAMING/CRYING] MA MAMAMA, BOOOO AHHHH, EEEEHHH,WAAHHH… [talking much louder now, I try to continue my sentence] UM, I GUESS YOU CAN TELL THAT I’M A STAY-AT-HOME MOM, AND I’M SORRY THAT MY 1 YEAR OLD IS SCREAMING SO LOUDLY, BUT I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE YOU CALLING MY BACK…”I hang up, feeling embarrassed, panicky, frustrated. I have never sounded so unprofessional. I can’t imagine what will go through his mind when he hears that message. Why can’t I just talk on the phone for 60 seconds in peace?

It wasn’t that many years ago that I was single, no children working in a high rise, in an office with a door and a downtown view. It was quiet. My messages sounded like I was a professional. I had NO appreciation for that quiet environment.

But now, I have to come to grips with the fact that I’m a stay-at-home mom trying to build a business and that is what it is going to sound like when I’m on the phone. I can’t hide it. It doesn’t mean I’m any less professional, in fact it means I’m super human! I should be considered a super hero. Because, believe me, building a business while being a full time mom is one challenging and adventurous feat that requires super hero powers.
No call back. Ever. From that President of that highly recommended website development company. In hind sight, it’s no big deal, rather laughable; his loss because he missed out on developing a website for two stay-at-home Super Hero Moms.