Monday, February 7, 2011

What's A Girl To Do?

What's a girl to do? Valentine's Day is 7 short days away. You've circled it on the calendar. You've dropped subtle hints about dinner reservations and finding a baby sitter. So far, he hasn't caught on.

Never fear! The ladies are here! We'll do the reminding for you. You can create a FREE account at We'll call him a week before Valentine's Day and remind him to plan something.

This is the actual message that he'll receive, "Hi! This is Holly and Carolanne, the owners of Today, is February 7. That probably doesn’t mean much to you. However, to us girls, it means that Valentine’s Day is one week away. Don’t roll your eyes! We are doing you a big favor by calling and reminding you of this. Obviously this is somewhat of a big deal to your sweetheart because she asked us to call you. Word for the wise, if you are planning on taking her out to dinner, hang up with us and immediately call the restaurant and make reservations. We’ll talk to you later. Bye!"

Then, on Valentine's Day we'll call him at the time that you choose. Here's what we'll tell him, "Hi! This is Holly and Carolanne, the owners of Check your calendar. It’s Valentine’s Day! Let’s go through your check list. Dinner plans. Check. Valentine’s card or sweet note. Check. Stuffed teddy bear holding candy hearts. Holly! Just kidding! You have plans for tonight, right? If not, you better get crackin’. We’ll talk to you later. Bye!"
See! They're fun! They get the point across in an entertaining way, and it's costs you nothing.Send these fun messages today at Click on "Get Started." Choose three free reminder calls. These fun messages are under "Calendar Dates He Can't Forget."

WOW! This might be the best Valentine's Day yet!


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