Monday, February 28, 2011

Just Wondering

Here’s a little “Easter Egg” on our home page. If you go to and click on the sign that says “Receive a message on your phone. The proof is in the pudding!” You will get a message from Carolanne and I within 15 minutes. Isn’t technology awesome? I’m always so curious about how technology works. I really wish I understood how all the wireless everythings worked: wireless printers, wireless internet, wireless phones. And I wish I had the time to figure out how electricity is made and how it gets to my home so that all my wireless stuff works. I’m pretty sure that most people don’t wonder about these types of things. Or do they? 

Like do you ever wonder how things got their names, way back when people were naming stuff for the first time? Take the word GRAVY for starters. At what point did someone look at the yummy stuff they had made in the pan they had just cooked their roast in and say, I think I will call that GRAVY? Another word that I wonder about is the word BUBBLE. It’s a cute word. Bubbles are cute. But the first bubbles probably weren’t thought of as cute because they probably happened when some stinky caveman was wading in water up to his waist and made a little tootsie. He and his caveman friends looked at it, laughed, and one of the cavemen with an untapped marketing talent pointed at it and said, “uh…BUBBLE”.  Ok, I admit it; I actually wonder about things like this. 

Just be glad you aren’t my husband. Big 18 wheelers that are carrying huge equipment loads from the Houston ship channel are frequently transporting their oversized loads onthe highway near us. I’m always looking at their massive loads as we pass them on the freeway and almost always ask my husband, “What is that and what’s it used for?” After a few years of always trying to answer this question for me, one day he said, “Why do you think I always know what everything is?” (He seemed just a little miffed.) Well, he usually does know what things are. It’s kind of a compliment to him. I still think the question when we pass by these 18 wheelers, but now I’m so grateful that our 5 year old boy asks Daddy every single time! ;)


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  1. ok, so I saw these "things" on an 18 wheeler the other day and asked my husband what they were and he knew...