Friday, March 4, 2011

I Am Brave!

Chinese Symbol for Brave!
When I meet new people, I am always asked the question, "What do you do for a living?" I love responding with "I own an Internet based business called" The reactions are varied. Some ask me to repeat the name because they don't believe that they heard it correctly. Some immediately perk up and excitedly ask a ton of questions. One of my favorite reactions was from an elderly man. He said, "Darlin', I run like hell from barking wives." The reactions are always fun! I've never had anyone that didn't give some sort of interesting response. It usually is a great conversation starter that leads to fun marketing research for my business.

Yesterday, I met a girl who gave me the most  interesting reaction ever. When I told her about my business, she said, "You are one of the bravest people that I've ever met." What? Me brave. NEVER! When I think of my personality characteristics, brave is not on the list. I asked her why she thought I was brave. She said that that having an idea and actually putting money and time toward supporting the idea to make it happen was so brave.

This got me thinking. Maybe entrepreneurs brains are wired differently. Maybe we aren't smart enough to doubt our ideas. Is it really bravery or stupidity? Hmmmmmm....

I was fortunate to begin my career by working closely for a great entrepreneur in the technology world. I would present a new marketing idea or advertising strategy. I would have all my charts and graphs and research to support my idea. He would glance at my presentation. At the end, he would ask me, "Carolanne, what does your gut tell you?" At first, I would quote a statistic or piece of research. He would interrupt me and say, "I don't care what your research says, what does your gut say." He preached to all of us that if in the deepest part of your soul if you don't believe that your decision is correct, then it's not. If you're using statistics or research to help you feel better about a strategy or decision, then it's not right. You always know the right answer if you just stop and listen.

His wonderful lesson, taught to a 22-year-old kid, has helped me throughout my life. I have used his wise words to help me make the most important decisions of my life. I also used it decide to start

So this is what I've decided. I am brave because I am smart enough to trust my gut! I am brave to attempt to make business phone calls while I have an almost two-year-old and five-year-old playing in the next room. I am brave to write these blog posts for all to read. I am brave to put my idea,, out in the Internet world for all to see. It was the right decision. I knew it in my gut :-)


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