Thursday, April 7, 2011

Just Between Friends

Our Voice Talent and my Sister-in-Law!
It all started one chilly day in January… Holly and I were talking about our friends. No! Not in catty way. We were talking about how awesome and supportive they have been through the development and launch of We decided that we wanted to send each one a card to let them know just how much we appreciate their friendship and support. Of course, any good shopping trip requires a glass of wine and lunch! Then, we headed to our local greeting card shop. We read card after card. None of them said exactly what we wanted to express. We realized that the way the message is delivered is as important as what you’re trying to say (we should have learned that lesson from 15 years of e-mails). 

Then, it became clear. Duh! We have this great business that sends out phone calls with prerecorded messages done by professionals! Best of all, the call can be scheduled to go out almost immediately (no waiting two or more days for snail mail to deliver your thoughts). And not to be overlooked, frankly, 10 Just Between Friends messages are cheaper and more personal than one greeting card mailed to one friend.

Holly rushed home to create a message that expressed exactly what we wanted to say. The response was overwhelming. One of our friends, who is not a touchy feely kind of gal, hugged us! Another friend said that she was having a bad day and that our message actually made her day turn around. The best compliment of all, we made two other friends cry. 

That’s how our Just Between Friends messages were born. Holly and I had so much fun brain storming ideas. We came up with 14 messages to begin with (but keep checking back because we will be adding tons more). Here are the message titles…

Happy Birthday:
Party Like A Rock Star
You Are a Sweet Friend
Funny Message About Getting Older
Happy Birthday To A Mom Friend!

Having A Bad Day - Funny!
Thinking About You - Sweet
Prayer for A Friend
You Can Do It!

Just Because:
I am Thinking About You Mom
Thanks for being my Friend
You are a Great Friend
Job Well Done!
Sorry the Family is Sick - Funny!
Reminder: Girls Night Out is Tonight

We can’t wait for you to share these Just Between Friends messages with the great ladies in your life. They are perfect for your girl friends, sisters, aunts and don’t forget Mom (when I sent the “I am Thinking About You Mom” message to my mom, she cried!). You can create a FREE account at No need to even put in your billing information. We’re even giving you three free messages to send to your best girl friends. They’ll make your friends day!


P.S. We are about to go back into the studio (one of ourclosets) to record more Just Between Friends messages. Have a great idea for messages? e-mail us at Your message just might be the next big thing!

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  1. Great idea Ladies!! And where did you find such fabulous Voice Talent?!?! :)