Monday, January 10, 2011

In the Closet

What’s a girl to do? Or rather, what are two stay-at-home Moms, who are working to start a business on a shoe string budget to do?  Carolanne and I had used up our budget that was ear marked for the professional voice over talents but still had a little less than half of the messages to record. It was time to get creative, ask for advice from the professionals, and put on yet another hat. We had to learn how to operate the most complex hand held recorder ever, beg our friends with awesome voices to volunteer to be our voice talent, serve them wine so get them loosened up to get out of their comfort zone and become actors, direct them in a recording session, and become the “BarkingWife Expert Advisors” ourselves. So we had the voices, the professional grade recorder, the wine, but NO recording studio. Well, the most sound proof and echo proof space that was available for free was, you guessed it, my master bedroom closet! Not exactly the swanky, glitzy recording studio of our dreams, but hey, it worked great. And the awesome red wine served in crystal glasses made it seem first class!

That’s one of the up sides of a little bitty small start-up budget. (And believe me, you have to find the up sides or you’ll get really down.) You get to become very creative in finding solutions to problems. And you get to have some fun laughs when you look back at where you have been and what it took to get to where you are now. 


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  1. Holly and Carolanne! I love it!:) I wish I had a great voice so I could have had a glass of wine in the closet!:) You two are awesome! I can't wait to move back to the U.S. to have reminder calls sent to Guy.:) Take care! Meredith:)