Saturday, January 1, 2011


HELLO NEW YEAR! I always love New Year’s Day. For some reason it makes me feel like the world is giving me a fresh start and great things are lined up and just waiting to happen all over again. I know it sounds idealistic, but I actually feel that way. And even though years ago on New Year’s day, when I cut the palm of my hand open and started that new year off getting twelve painful stitches in my hand and fingers, it didn’t kill the hope that still bubbles up in me.

(Oh, you want to know how I cut the palm of my hand years ago? I was getting the year off on a healthy note. I had started the morning with juicing fresh oranges and apples and was cleaning the juicer. I forgot to unplug it and accidentally hit the on switch. The palm of my left hand was pressing down on the prongs that held the juicing blade. Enough said. Let the past be the past.)

I don’t make a bunch of resolutions or write down my expectations for the new year on New Year’s day. I just take time to just imagine the great possibilities the new year might hold.  I wonder what awesome opportunities and ventures are coming to Even though we went through our fair share of ups and downs and set-backs, we also had plenty of things happen at just the right time, proving to us the incredible synchronicity of the universe. I know it sounds cliché, but truly as one door shut, another door would open for BarkingWife. And when we look back on the year, the events that happened that seemed like daunting problems when they happened, we now can see how they forced us to make changes, or take another path, that actually made our business stronger, better, and more fun.

I will set some goals for the year (just not today). There will be business goals for BarkingWife. And there will be the perpetual goals of eating healthier and exercising more.  But as the years keep passing quicker and my birthdays keep dog piling on top of each other, my perspective of life and what is really important becomes clearer. This year, year 2011, is an excellent year to add in a goal of S L O W I N G  D O W N(or at least create some slow down pockets during your day) enough to consciously notice and enjoy and appreciate life, your children, your spouse, nature, the sunset, the moon as it goes through its changes. My mother used to always tell me that we teach what we need to learn the most. So, adding in a Slow Down goal is something I must really need to learn. I’m sure my mother would agree!

So Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to 2011 and all the great and wonderful things headed to you and to us!


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