Thursday, January 13, 2011

What I've Learned... (Part 2)

We have been able to take paying customers at for two months now. In some ways, I feel like I should record this occasion like a mother with a newborn baby. In my mind, the conversation goes something like this... Our baby is eight weeks old. Yes! She is getting so big. No! I can't believe that we've had her for eight whole weeks. She is great blend of ideas from her very proud owners Holly and Carolanne. I wonder if Target or JC Penney's has a picture package for this occasion?

Anyway, I promised back on November 9 in "What I've Learned..." that I would continue to share with you the lessons that I 've picked up along this journey. They're in no particular order :-)

1. An online business is just like a brick and mortar business. You can't just simply flip on the "open for business" sign and hope to get customers. We live in a different age where people expect you to bring them information instead of them seeking it out. We've learned how valuable FaceBook (PLEASSSSE "like" us) and Twitter (BarkingWife) are to us. Holly and I have had to step outside of our comfort zone and learn to use social media as a marketing tool.With that being said, you can "like" us and "follow" us by scrolling down and clicking on the FaceBook and Twitter icons below. Thanks!

2. Everything cost more. Okay! I admit that I learned this lesson a long time ago. Launching was just the first step. Our wonderful account holders have shared information with us to help improve the site. We are so appreciative! However, those changes cost money. Some changes we have been able to make. Other changes are waiting. It's constantly a battle to balance cost vs. benefit.

3. Help comes from the strangest places. Out of nowhere, someone from the past will stumble upon and offer assistance. In some ways, this business has been like a big, crazy family reunion for us. In other ways, we have met people that we will start including in the big, crazy family reunions from now on. One of our partners, is the most amazing asset ever. We started out with him not quite getting our jokes. Now! He will at least give us a polite laugh.

4. Just like any mom can attest, I love my baby more now than I did when was born. I want everyone to love it just as much as I do. I am so proud to call it mine.

I promise to keep sharing my thoughts along this journey. Enjoy!


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