Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Goodbye Christmas! Hello Clean House!

Before I lost my mind!
Sunday was the day. I couldn't take it any longer. No more red. No more green. No more gold. No more angels. No more ornaments. No more of anything having to do with Christmas. I decided to reclaim my house. The toys that only stay in the playroom had invaded my family room, dining room and even my bedroom. I wanted my clean, clutter free house back!

Dr. Phil says that everyday you ask yourself just how fun you are to live with. Well, on Sunday, I was no fun to live with at all. I barked orders at everybody to PICK UP! I assigned the four-year-old the task of taking everything that resembles a toy upstairs. If not, it was getting thrown away! I put "Thomas the Train" on for the baby so the TV could babysit him (not something that I condone, but sometimes its bloody necessary!). I put my husband to work. He was in charge of taking down everything that required a step ladder to put up. I got a big black garbage bag and started throwing away the thousands of boxes that once held toys. Then, I moved on to the tree. Like a tornado, I took down the ornaments that had taken hours to hang up. Tubs were filled and wreaths placed in bags for next year. Garland that had been so carefully hung a month before was shoved into contractor bags.

Here's my smartest move yet. Okay! Take notes! Our attic access is in the garage. I moved my husbands car out of the garage and filled his parking spot with the Christmas treasures. Now, he has motivation to move the decorations to the attic if he wants his spot back in the garage. So far, no success yet. I'll keep you posted!

After I said goodbye to Christmas!
Ha! The sweet smell of success now fills my home instead of Christmas. It's like Christmas never happened. The toys are in their new spots. My house is back to its old self. I don't want to hear a Christmas Carol or see Santa for at least ten more months.

Then, just like a giddy school girl, I will lovingly get all my Christmas decorations out the attic. I will carefully hang them up or put them on the tree. I'll fret if the table is festive enough. I'll worry that the outdoor lights are fun yet tasteful. I will excitedly count down the days until Santa comes with the kids. But until then, I'll enjoy my clean house.


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