Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What I've learned...

Launching BarkingWife has been a real journey for us. These are a few things that I have learned along the way...

1. Just having a great idea is not enough. You have to love it, breathe it, live it. It has to wake you up at night. It has to haunt you at 6:00 AM when all you thought you wanted was liquid energy. There are so many bumps along the road that if you don't feel this strongly about what you're doing, you'll be tempted to just chalk it up to a great idea to discuss over a glass of wine.

2.  You have to have a good team of people in your corner that want nothing more than for you to be successful. Fortunately, for BarkingWife, we found a great Web Development company called 4 Guys in Houston, Texas (www.4guys.com). They met with us. They listened to who we wanted to be when we grew up. Most importantly, they were as excited about our idea as we were.

3. You have to believe in yourself. This is such an overused statement that I almost hesitate writing it. However, it's the truth. In the bottom of your soul and in the deepest darkest parts of your brain, you have to believe that you can make your business a success.

We'll continue to share with you our life lessons.


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