Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Alpha Moms (and proud of it!)

I first heard the word used by a friend of mine. She called me an alpha mom. Ummmm? What exactly is that? She explained that it's what happens when an 'A' type personality has toddlers.Anyway, I guess I must admit it.

Just call us The Norris Justice League.
Hi! My name is Carolanne, and I am an alpha mom. I am the room mom for my daughter's four-year-old class, I am a volunteer with the Junior League of Houston, I drive my children to two activities a week, I still manage to cook dinner five nights a week, I manage the contractor who is remodeling our home, I take care of all of the finances for the house, I fill in on my husband's HR conference calls (that's a whole post waiting to happen) and I am owner of a .com. 
Holly as Cowgirl. Isn't this how every .com does a launch party?
As any alpha mom can tell you, Halloween is like our worst nightmare. Children have to be adequately costumed. There are parties to be had. Special spooky treats must be made. To top it off, this Halloween we had a launch party to celebrate BarkingWife.com (finally) going live. We also wanted to thank all of our wonderful friends who have supported us in this journey. As a way to say thank you, we gave their children lots of sugar, a bounce house and plenty of wine for the special alpha moms that we are proud to call friends. Here's to you ladies! We couldn't have made it this far without you.


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