Sunday, November 28, 2010

If I had a dollar...

A common saying around my house is, "if I had a dollar..." It's usually, "If I had a dollar for every time that I told you to pick up your shoes or hang up your clothes or stay out of the pantry (you get the idea), I would be rich." I think that it's a funny way to get my "Barking" across to my family without sounding like a real nag. Of course, it would also be nice if my family just did what they were supposed to do so I didn't have to constantly remind them. However, this is not a dream world, and let's face the facts. I am always going to find something that they haven't done because I am the mom and they have to live with me.

So...... that's why we created Holly and I listened to so many of our friends talk about how they are constantly reminding their families of things. Our service does the reminding for you. Brilliant!

We get a lot of stories of how people have used the service. Some deserve their own blog post. Trust me! You will not believe how creative some people are. Hear are a few of our favorite uses...
  1. Used our homework reminder to get her son to actually bring home his homework. Apparently, this is a form of early dementia that affects 10-18 year olds. Everyday, she has our service call her son on his cell phone to remind him that his books need to leave his locker. He doesn't always answer the phone, but when he sees her number on caller ID, he knows what the call is all about. 
  2. A group of girl friends used our Personalized Reminder service to keep them on task for during the Black Friday madness. Seriously! They set up their phones to ring and remind them of what they were wanting at each store, what time the store opened and what the special deal was. BRILLIANT! I guarantee you that we never envisioned that use.
  3. Here's a very serious use. A customer uses our service to remind her mom everyday when and what pills she should take. The phone rings, and her mom listens to the message with a description of what she should be taking. The daughter then logs on to her account and views her Call History. She can see that her mom answered the phone or if the call went to voice mail. She is assured that her mom is getting properly reminded. The daughter says that our service has really given her piece of mind. That's priceless to us!
Please keep sending us your stories! We think they're awesome!



  1. What creative uses!!! Now I need a call to remind me why I got on FB, I always get side tracked, ha!

  2. Ooooh!! I totally love the idea of reminding someone to take their medication this way!! What a creative and gentle way to remind someone that you not only love them, but you care about their well-being - I think I can use this in the future!!