Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Let’s Break a Window

(Written November 2009... Also, we have some great pictures coming. Really! Just have to see who's iPhone they're on.)
So we are actually sitting here in Carolanne's car writing this blog post on the back of a random envelope because we are locked out of her house. Some days just don't go as planned. After failing to break two different windows we finally gave up and called a locksmith to come and save the day. (So, the window tinting/anti break film installed on ALL the windows does actually work!) We tried smashing two different windows with large rock, a screw driver and a hammer. Cracked glass gave us hope and fueled that dormant inner desire to do something just down right wrong and break a window on purpose.

I can hear you asking, “What could be so important inside her house that two rational (most of the time) women would try breaking, not one, but two windows in an attempt to get inside?” No, there wasn’t a child locked inside. Flames were not bellowing out of the oven.  Before I can tell you, I have to set this up so that we don’t actually come across as crazy.

We each have two kids. Each of us has one child who is old enough for pre-school and one who is too young. My pre-school kiddo goes for a few hours on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays. Carolanne’s  pre-school angel goes for a few hours on Tuesday and Thursdays. So, there is not one day of the week where we can work on BarkingWife without children at our feet. Child free work time is more rare and more precious than yellow diamonds! When she and I have time to 100% concentrate on BarkingWife, we feel like we can work miracles. And nothing gets in our way… well except being locked out the house where all our computers and files are.  The short break to pick up some sandwiches didn’t go as planned.

So now, we are way off schedule on a very rare child free work day. But, looking on the bright side, we now have a fun blog post and have laughed more trying to break into Carolanne’s home with a rock, hammer and screw driver. We are wondering if the police will get here before the locksmith does.

Great news, here comes the locksmith. Well, he doesn’t quite look like the Knight in shining armor that saves the damsels in distress. No, not so much. And well, it looks like he might have just rolled out of bed and is sporting a rather grumpy disposition too. But hey, the door is now open and we still have three more hours to work without having to stop to wipe little noses or the hundreds of other mommy tasks.  Now, back to work! Well, back to work after Carolanne calls the window company about the cracked windows.

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