Thursday, November 11, 2010

Today is the Day... is ready for prime time! For the past 16 months we have been committed to the idea of this Web site. This business was created out of a need: a need to liberate women from reminding their families of mundane tasks. With all of this free time, we think that women will finally break through the glass ceiling, have enough time to run the country, broker world peace and bake homemade cookies for the soccer team. Know someone who can use this service (let’s face it, we all can)? Please tell them about our service!

Here are some fun uses for 
  • We’ll call your children and remind them to clean their room, mow the yard and bring home their homework.
  •  We’ll call your husband/boyfriend and remind them to take out the garbage, that it’s your birthday, Mother’s Day, anniversary and all the other important dates that he CAN’T forget. We’ll even give him a seven day courtesy call before the speci al day.
  • We haven’t forgotten you! You can schedule Reminder Calls to help you keep your calendar up-to-date. Just think of us as your personal assistant.
  • With our customized message service, you can send a Personal Reminder Call of your choosing. Type in the message one time and you’re done. We’ll make all the phone calls and even send e-mails for you. Room moms, Sport coaches, large families and teachers find this service particularly useful.  
  • Here are a few of the ways that our friends have said that they will use They’ll remind an elderly parent when to take their medication, like a phone tree to remind members of a meeting or commitment, personal reminder that their child has something special going on at school, organizing a party or special event, and a wake up service. We’re sure that you will come up with many more (don’t forget to tell us).
We would be honored if you tried out For a limited time, we are offering three free Reminder Calls. Just click on the red ticket to the right of this post and in the Reminder Call Plan box choose 3 Free Reminder Calls. You’re ready to start experiencing what can do for you.

There are so many exciting things going on Stay tuned!

Holly and Carolanne

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