Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bleeding Edge of Technology...

One day, over a hay ride through my neighborhood, I was telling a friend's husband about He is in charge of new technologies for El Paso Energy. I was always a little intimidated to talk about my business. I thought he would find it silly. To my surprise, he kept asking questions. Then he said it. The most beautiful words that I ever heard besides "I do!" and "It's a healthy girl/boy." He said.....

Are you ready????

He said...


You may be wondering why this is so cool. It's simply because we have found a new way to use existing technology. Our system that makes phone calls is the same system that is used for emergency notification (example: a phone call goes out to every college student saying that God forbid there is a gun man on campus). We found a new and exciting way to use existing technology. There is no company that is using the technology as we are using it.

I have a marketing technology background and am married to an extreme technology nerd. He says, "and the geeks shall inherit the earth."

It's so cool because we have become .com geeks! We wear this badge with honor. Thanks for inviting us into your club.


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